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Google Workspace Development

Google WorkSpace is a work productivity tool that can be used from anywhere in the world. It includes business emails, cloud storage, app integration, and many other features. It is also known as G Suite and Google Apps.

Google WorkSpace Products include:

  • Docs- Online documents.
  • Sheets- Online Spreadsheets.
  • Slides- Used to create business presentations.
  • Forms-  Used to construct surveys and quizzes for clients.
  • Apps Script- Helps create specialized, low-code business solutions, automate any time-consuming task.
  • Sites-  Tool for building websites without coding or design expertise.

Here are the examples of problems we have solved using Google Apps Script:

  • Adding custom business logic.
  • API Integration with Google Spreadsheets for third party services (Trello, Ocean Insights, PayPal, Google Drive, Xero Accounting API and many others).
  • Workflow automation using Google Apps (Spreadsheets, Sites, Cloud Printer, Drive) & third party apps (CRMs, Accounting solutions).
  • Using Google Analytics to develop reports based on Google Spreadsheets data.

Previous projects:

RFQ Management System

For a US-based F500 company's Indian division. We created RFQ Automation Scripts using Google Sheets. Script keeps a log of RFQ emails sent to and received from suppliers. The script also consolidates the price list xls attachments in response emails sent by suppliers in a new Google Spreadsheet. Scripts are capable of automatically generating new RFQ log Spreadsheets for new users.

Payment Management System

Added support for ACH to existing Google Spreadsheet based Payment Management System. Users can select the payment option as ACH and process data. An ACH CSV file is generated and added to Google Drive. Users can send this CSV file to the bank for further processing. ABA # and Account Numbers are fetched from a custom API developed using Next.js.

Trello API Integration with Google Spreadsheets
Ocean Insights API Integration with Google Spreadsheets
Xero API integration with Google Spreadsheets
LinkedIn API integration with Google Spreadsheets
Workflow automation using SolveCRM, Google Apps and Xero